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What about coal and natural gas?

This is definitely a touchy subject in many parts of Wyoming. Sadly, the demand for coal and natural gas, as well as the many other resources in our great state, is not controlled by Wyoming. Markets in other parts of the country and world affect the need for these resources as well as the profitability of extracting them and getting them to the customer. When it comes to generating electricity, it’s not practical to rely on only one resource. Energy is produced in many ways all over the world. Hydro, nuclear, coal, gas, wind, solar, etc. It’s similar to several mountain streams all feeding into one reservoir. From there the water can be directed as needed to the end users. All those streams work together, in cooperation, to supply the demand. If one lags or falls behind, the others can pick up the slack. The same can be done with energy. The load can be shared, spread out, like a snowshoe. It’s our goal to work hand in hand with other energy sources to avoid problems and keep rates within reason. The time has come for utilities to transition from merely supplying energy to managing energy.

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