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Financing a solar project

Once in a while we are asked if we offer financing. There are resources available for contractors to assist in financing solar projects, but these don’t always have the best terms so rather than be another middleman, we tend to avoid these. We can however provide a list of local banks who can help. When adding solar to existing home, an equity line of credit is usually a person’s best option. Other options are available as well. On a new build, the cost of the solar project can usually be included in the construction financing resulting with the best terms. If the project is for a commercial or agricultural building, a customer can usually qualify for a REAP grant through the USDA which covers up to 25%. The USDA also offers loans for qualifying projects (up to 75% of project cost). Sure, there is some paperwork involved and these things are changing all the time but by contacting us we would be happy to help in each step.

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